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We offer fully guided, outfitted Kodiak Bear Hunts in both Spring and Fall. Alaska's Kodiak Island's Bear population is thriving, and there has never been a better time to hunt these magnificent bruins.

We offer the following hunts:

Base Camp Hunt: Conducted out of our comfortable main lodge in our North Uyak area. Accommodations are cabins with oil heat, full bathrooms with hot/cold running water and showers. We take only one hunter per hunt at this camp, personally guided by Master Guide Mike Munsey.

Coastal Hunt: Uyak Bay - This hunt is operated out of our Upper Uyak camp, which has comfortable cabins and heaters, but no running water. Spiridon Bay - This is a tent frame camp, meaning wooden floors with tent walls and roof. Kerosene heaters but no running water.

Interior Hunt: This is a conventional wall-tent camp on a small lake in the interior of Kodiak Island. We only take one hunter per season on this hunt, only in the fall. This is mainly a walking hunt (no boats), hunting the Spiridon River valley. Hunt is personally guided by Master Guide Bob Munsey.

What's a day of hunting like? On our Base Camp and Coastal Hunts, we use boats to get around the hunting areas. Boats are safe and stable, either a Boston Whaler or Aluminum Skiff. We provide life jackets, survival suits and emergency gear in each boat. In addition, each guide is Coast Guard certified. A typical day is spent sitting and glassing the mountainsides or river valleys.  Once a bear is spotted and determined to be of good size with good fur, then a stalk is made. A stalk can involve a simple walk down the beach or, more likely, a climb up the mountain. The mountains on Kodiak are steep, brushy and slippery, so you need to be in good physical shape for these hunts. A climb can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Its not unusual to see larger bears high on the mountains or farther back in the river valleys, so the better shape you are in, the better your chances are for a big bear. Over the past 15 years, the average bear we have taken is 9 1/2 feet squared and our success rate is 80%. Generally speaking, if you are in good shape and able to climb the mountains and are able to devote the full time (12 day hunt) and effort needed, you won't have any trouble getting a 9+ foot bear.

Spring vs. Fall Seasons: The most common question I get is, "Should I book a Spring or a Fall hunt"? And, of course, there is no good answer. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the Spring season, the weather is nicer, the days are longer (more hunting time) and the bears are more active. However, the hide condition is not as good, especially on the later (May) hunt and you can encounter rubbed bears. In the Fall season, hunting can be tougher. The weather is colder, days are shorter and the bears tend to stay in the brush and feed. However, their hides are in prime condition and they are fat and healthy after a summer of gorging on salmon and berries. Another advantage to the fall season is that bears can still be feeding on salmon late into Nov., so hunting the river valleys is sometimes fruitful. Plus you can hunt other game in the fall, such as deer or goats. All in all, our success rate and average hide size is virtually the same for either spring or fall, so its mainly a matter of your own personal preference and time schedule.

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Exclusive guide areas in the Kodiak National Wildlife refuge (KNWR).

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Hunt Dates

April 21 - May 2

May 4 - May 15

Oct. 25 - Nov. 6

On fall bear hunts, Deer may be taken for an additional $750.00, plus deer tag ($300.00), and Mountain Goats  for an additional $2000.00 (plus $600.00 tag)  All licenses and tags available at camp. 

Kodiak Bear Hunting
The hunting lodge was started by Park & Pat Munsey in 1956. Today, hunts are guided by Mike and Bob Munsey, both second generation Licenced Alaskan Master Guides with 35+ years experience.

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